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  • A Classic Case of Dr. Seuss Collection - 20 Books
    Publisher: Harpercollins Publication Date: 7 January 2017 Format: PB Number of Pages: Varies   Desciptions: A Classic Case Series 20 Books by Dr. Seuss. This children fiction novel includes unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes. &nb..
    HKD$559.00 HKD$1,920.00
  • A Year of Rainbow Magic Boxed Collection - 52 Books
    Publisher: Orchard Publication Date: 2016 Format: PB Number of Pages: Varies   Desciptions: This sparkling collection gives fairy fans the chance to enjoy one Rainbow Magic story a week for an entire year!    Titles: (52) Rebel Alliance Defen..
    HKD$699.00 HKD$4,224.00
  • Basher Science Collection - 6 Books
    ISBN: 9780753439579 Publisher: Pan Macmillan Format: Collection Dimensions: 13.0cm x 13.0cm Pages: Varies Praised by parents and with a knack for communicating the most complex and difficult of subjects in a tangible, understandable ..
    HKD$199.00 HKD$672.00
  • Captain Underpants - 10 books
    Publisher: What on Earth Publishing Ltd  Publication Date: 2016 Format: PB Number of Pages: Varies Descriptions: When naughty George and Harold hypnotise their headteacher, they accidentally create the greatest superhero in the history of thei..
    HKD$299.00 HKD$960.00
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection - 12 Books
    Publisher: Penguin Group Format: Collection Number of Pages: Varies     Greg is an average American schoolboy, but he has a habit of getting into embarrassing but hilarious situations. These books follow his diary as he makes observations on his days and doodles ..
    HKD$349.00 HKD$1,344.00
  • Harry Potter Complete Collection - 7 books
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC Format: Collection Number of Pages: Varies   If you're lucky enough to have tickets to see The Cursed Child on stage or are already excited for the next Fantastic Beasts film in 2018, then why not head back to Platform 9 3/4, climb aboard ..
    HKD$549.00 HKD$960.00
  • Horrible Science Collection: Bulging Box of Books (20 Books)
    Publisher: Scholastic Format: Paperback (Collection)   Twenty titles from the best-selling series, presented in a bulging boxed set. Features all the best-selling Horrible Science titles from A-Z - well from Blood, Bones and Body Bits to Vicious Veg! ..
    HKD$399.00 HKD$640.00
  • I Wonder Why? Collection - 20 Books
    ISBN: 9780753440056 Publisher: Pan Mac Format: Collection Pages: Varies Titles in this collection (20) Caterpillars Eat So Much Greeks Built Temples Penguins Can't Fly The Sun Rises Columbus Crossed the Ocean ..
    HKD$399.00 HKD$1,920.00
  • LEGO City: Adventures in LEGO City - 8 Books
    Title(8): All Aboard! Ready For Takeoff! All Hands On Deck! 3,2,1 Liftoff! Fire In The Forest! Look Out Below! Stop That Heist! Fire Truck To The Rescue!   ..
    HKD$160.00 HKD$250.00
  • Murderous Maths Collection - 10 books
    Publisher: Scholastic Publication Date: 2013 Format: PB Number of Pages: Varies Descriptions: The 10-book Murderous Maths Collection provides possibly the most fun - and ever-so-slightly gruesome - introduction to this tricky subject that chi..
    HKD$199.00 HKD$960.00
  • Phonics Boxed Set-20 Books
    Publisher: Scholastic Format: Collection Number of Pages: Varies   Phonics comes to life with the cops, crooks, and heroes of LEGO (R) City! Learning to read has never been this much fun! Learn to read with the people of LEGO(R) City! Join adventurous..
    HKD$99.00 HKD$130.00
  • Ready to Read (Level 1): The Wonderful Weather Collector's Set - 6 Books
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Publication Date: 18 November 2016 Format: PB Number of Pages: Varies   Desciptions: It’s impossible to feel under the weather as Newbery Honor recipient and New York Times bestselling author Marion Dane Bauer explains the wonders of we..
    HKD$99.00 HKD$160.00