Secret Kingdom Series 2 Collection - 6 Books

ISBN: 9781408348406
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Price: HKD$179.00HKD$480.00

Publisher: Orchard Books 

Publication Date: 2016

Format: PB

Number of Pages: Varies


Nasty Queen Malice has cast a spell on kind King Merry! Unless Jasmine, Ellie and Summer can find six rare ingredients for a potion to cure him, he’ll turn into a stink toad! The girls must travel all over the Secret Kingdom – and meet lots of amazing, magical creatures along the way.

This bumper book collection contains all six books in series two!

Titles: (6)

  • Bubble Volcano
  • Sugarsweet Bakery
  • Dream Dale
  • Lily Pad Lake
  • Fairyeales Forest
  • Midnight maze


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